Sunday, August 22, 2010

Working out... promised I am making an effort to write 2 days in a row!
This vacation is exactly what we needed. We have been going so hard for so long and hadn't really had a vacation in too long to mention.

It's been a little piece of heaven.
Every morning we wake up, have breakfast and while Grace visits with family Mark and I go for a work out....
Yep.. you read right.. I have been working out!
That is a first and I must say I have been loving it. Today we skipped out for a family brunch and and I feel like I missed out on something!
After workout we sit by the beach, take some sun, enjoy the pools and do it all over the next day.

Tomorrow we are headed back home and it makes me sad to think of it.

I have been doing surprisingly well in the sun and heat. The work out even was fine.

All in all I am quite happy and healthy at the moment!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost one month...

Wow.. I have been busy enjoying the summer and hope you have been too!
I am currently sitting on a beach in Kelowna stunned.
Stunned that I am sitting in the sun.
Stunned that I am able to sit and enjoy the heat.
Stunned that I am in a warm climate in Canada?!

The weather here is amazing!
I was told to bring light clothes but thought to myself...come can't be that nice...right?!!
I had to go out and get some short sleeve shirts.

I have been doing very well and I know this is a short entry but Gracie is calling to go feed more birds!

I will write again in the summer sun soon!