Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worn out!

Well, It's been an amazing summer so far!
Though I can smell Fall/Autumn in the air I am still taking any sunny moment possible and making the most of the summer days.

Knowing that Fall is right there, feeling the cool air at night reminds me that I must take my vitamin D3 everyday. Soon I won't be getting enough sun and I figure it's good to get in the habit now!

I have stretched myself thin this year. I have worked 7 days a week and too many hours a day.
I love my day job, I love my "other" job and I love my family.
It becomes quite the juggling act but Hey! That's life and I love every minute of it!

I have been very tired and that leads to being dizzy, headaches and grumpiness but...

...Tomorrow I will officially be on vacation for one week.
I know it's not much and I will be working on my "other" job but that one I get to do from home where Mark and Grace can help! It's that just a reward in itself?

I will be sleeping in and spending lots of one-on-one time with my little family. We will be attending the fireworks at Global Fest and I will be manning my Scentsy booth in the night market. We have participated in this festival for 7 years now and we are so excited!

If you are in town, grab some tickets at the local Co-op and come down!

Cruisin' for a Cause 2011

Every year A&W teams up with the MS Society of Canada and holds a fundraiser.

Please join us on August 25, 2011!
Go purchase a Teen Burger at any A&W across Canada and $1 will go towards the mission of ending MS.

You can also send a text message to 45678 to make a $5 donation.

RSVP to the Facebook event page and they will donate $0.50 for each "Attendee"

Tweet with #CruisingForACause an they will donate $0.50

Last year (2010), A&W helped raise over $700,000 in one day. What an amazing goal! This year I think we can do one million!.

Let's do it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Scentsy day

Good morning!
I know it's really early for a blog but it's a quick one!
I have mentioned how much fun I am having with Scentsy and today I am doing another festival!
I have no special insight or wise words today.
My big comment today is to get outside and enjoy what Calgary gives us!
A big diverse city with so many wonderful things to see and do! Not to mention the great weather forecasted!
Stop by the SunFest in Inglewood and say "hi!"
I'll be near 14th Street.
Have a fantastic day!
See you then!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"It's like being hung over"

So many times I am asked how it feels to have MS.
So many times I answer that it changes day to day. Finding the perfect words is not easy some days.
Have you ever tried to explain to a child what love is? Why the love that you have for your children is different then the way you love your spouse? That's what it's like to explain a feeling that changes everyday.

A few months ago Mark and I signed up to do the MS Walk in support of the Calgary Chapter of the MS Society. I have been avoiding situations where other fellow MS'ers are near not of fear but more of a sense or realisation.

As you know, I am very open with "My" MS but seeing and hearing of others is just something that I have struggled with.

It was nice to see other patients that are still successful 10, 20, 50 years later but just like anything, there are those that struggle 5 years after diagnosis. I don't like to get emotional and I don't like to cry. I think this is the first time blogging that I am very emotional.

As expected, the MS Walk has patients at all stages of MS. Many of them were walking with poles or not walking but wheeling. I am not afraid of "my" future MS. I welcome the challenge and hope that I will be a lucky one but it is very hard to see that some have succumbed to the horrible symptoms that MS can do to a body. Maybe these aren't the correct words. They themselves have not succumbed but their body's have. They did not choose this.

So, I avoid a situation where I feel like I am the one giving the look that some give me at times. Pity, sadness, awkwardness. I don't think it's something you can help or stop. It's human nature. I aways respond to the look with "It's OK!, it's not my death sentence!"

Where am I going with this? Well, I do not often visit the MS Society website but I did yesterday.
There is a great short video called "The faces of MS" and one gentleman describes the feeling of MS so perfectly. I wish they would be my words...but they are his and I want you to hear them.

I tried to load the video to my site but I can't figure it out!

Click here! Faces of MS

Now to think of something else for my next post!


You guys are amazing!

I blog simply to share my thoughts and once it's written it becomes a relief.
It helps to turn a negative into a positive. Who ever thought going blind, taking injections or losing my temper would become a good thing!

I am truly grateful to hear from everyone. Your support means the world to me.
I would probably still blog if no one read as a source to "unload" but it's nice to get these emails and calls. I love the feedback, good and bad especially the questions!

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


And my goal for today is to fill the main page with all new posts!

Last week I received a strange email from someone I didn’t know. I am getting used to messages and calls from strangers because of Scentsy but this was different. Now, I say strange because the context is not something you get everyday and it caught me off guard!

Let me tell you about it!
The title of the email was listed as “Interested in your blog” and it came to the address I typically use for Scentsy. So I stopped and scratched my head…I don’t blog about Scentsy…or do I…Eh?...

Me being curious, I read on.
Andrea is a student at the University of British Columbia and is doing her Master’s in Educational Technology. She was asking me if I would be interested in doing a brief interview with her about my MS blog. She is creating a course which is part of her school program on using the internet to find information on medical issues as well as sharing personal stories. She is also hoping to incorporate the interview into her work with Patient Voices Network in Vancouver.

I sat and thought about this for a few minutes. I am flattered on a regular day when people tell me they read my blog or tell me I need to “get back at it”. I was truly honoured that my blog inspired Andrea for her project. As you know, I am an open book on most topics especially my MS.

I replied saying “of course I would help her with her project”.

We setup a time and had a great conversation, not just about my blog but life and friends. She is a very nice person and I was happy I agreed to help her. She got to work right away and created this great slideshow of our interview together.
I invite you to take a look at her Yodio and share your comments.

Thank you Andrea for helping spread awareness. I look forward to your future work.
It is my turn to say…I hope that I have represented you in a fair, honest and accurate way. If I have missed anything or if you would like to add something please do!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

+30C…that’s ok!

If you follow my blog or know about MS then you know that MS and the heat simply do not mix. They are arch nemesis!

In June the weather was just wrong, not just here in Alberta but everywhere. All I wanted was to see the sun. It didn’t have to be hot but just a bit of sun…please!

Then July arrived with its lovely summer face…Welcome back old friend…where have you been hiding for the last, well, too long!

Since the Sun has arrived I have spent every waking moment outside. Morning to water the flowers (oh you should see our yard!) Noon to walk or lunch in the park with friends and co-workers (Oh…did you know I love food!) and Night too. We get home from work, change into shorts and head out. We only come in to get food to cook outside! Then around 9 Grace gets tired and that’s the sign to head in.

I remember the first summer in 2009 when I was diagnosed. I could barely make it from the house to the car if it was too warm. Never mind hot!
This year is the best summer yet. A few weekends ago it was so hot out that I pulled out the small pool for Grace and filled it up. We had so much fun playing with the hose, sprinkler and pool toys! What a great day!

Do you remember when you were a kid how much more tolerant you were of cold water? Do you recall your parents saying “Don’t splash me! It’s too cold!”?
Well let me tell you…”News Flash Natalie…I think you are now considered a parent!”
WOW was the water cold! But Grace was having so much fun that I sucked it up and it was so worth playing with her like that!

So my final thought here…HEAT…yes please!

Catching up!

Welcome me back to the world of blogging!
I have been so busy the last few months that I am lucky to sneak in a drink of water or fold laundry! Those of you who have noticed the wrinkles and haven’t commented…Thank you ;)

I have said many times how I feel guilty when I don’t blog and I still do! However, I find comfort in knowing that I am healthy which means I can be busy and can’t really think of a symptom to write about! Doesn’t that make sense!

Since the last time I made and entry I have been busy with Scentsy. I truly love people and this is a great way to meet every kind of people! I have hosted home parties, organized a fundraiser, done a few festivals and even traveled!

About that travel business…
In June I was away from home more often then not. I spent some time in Edmonton and Winnipeg for my day job. Then I came home, packed Mark and Grace up and flew to New Brunswick to be with family for a week or so.
When I travel I usually feel tension building in my neck and by the time I land I scream for my chiro but in June I was on a total of 10 planes and I still have not felt the need to visit Dr. Kale! To me…this is progress!

Let’s see.. I have more to tell you but I will make a few entries…read on up!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At home...

Ironically I was talking to my boss a few weeks back and realised I hadn't been off for more then a long weekend in forever...Then I also realised that my Day Care was going to be closed for a whole week...Yikes.. What does a mommy do with no child care...
Work from home!

I am at home with Grace this whole week!
It's fun but very demanding to be on the computer while she pulls on my leg because she wants me to play and keep her busy. Not to mention the laundry, dishes and everything else I feel compelled to accomplish...I am home after all!

This morning I was washing dishes when Grace ...let's do it this way..
"Mommy, I need a bench"
" you go"
"Thanks Mommy"
Then there was quiet followed by water dripping...
Thought process...What have I done....
I walk to the bathroom and there she was on the toilet doing her business!
I know... I am super proud too!
She has been potty trained for many months but I am usually told it's time to go and I have to follow, pull down, wipe and pull up...

What a great moment that she did it all by herself and kept it up for about 10 times after that!

That's all I had today...
Enjoy the sun and hope it's here to stay!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keepin' busy

I have had a few really bad days, a few not too bad and always lots of better days. I got more bad news from WCB and almost instantaneously my neck went out. When I say my neck was out you may not think much of it but with me that means my first 4 vertebrae are out not properly aligned. This is directly linked to my MS symptoms. Later that day, I was dizzy, I had no energy to move from my chair. I was in pain. I was mad. I had a horrible day but I was busy so I kept trying to work. Never the best idea when your health is on the line. Being year end at work I know how many things there are to do so I hung in there and waited 1 whole week to go see my dear Dr. Kale. After a week of not sleeping, being so angry (anger with me seems to be my first sign that my MS is on the Fritz. I just get so angry. I could literally pick up my pen by the wrong end and it would make me want to hit a wall) I was so happy to be at the clinic. 4 minutes on my belly and BOOM! I felt like a million dollars! As soon as I left there I went to work and was actually able to concentrate and do work. I am grateful that there are people who concentrate their efforts on learning what can help make others feel and be better. Most of us would be ...where would you be without these great people who are there to help... Think about it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a week...

...And it's only Wednesday! I thought WCB was getting better...then I got a call and it stressed me out all over again! Within minutes of hanging up the phone I was upset, stressed out and then my MS adjustment went all out of whack so I need to see the chiro! I have said many times that my Upper Cervical Care is a miraculous thing and it truly is! The second it's not properly aligned I feel horrid. I have been very busy and not able to get in to see Dr. Kale and I miss him dearly!! I have been dizzy, unable to focus properly, sore, not sleeping - almost like I am drunk...just not functioning. So so strange! WCB promised me they would be acting as my legal representative to collect funds from the 3rd party insurance company for funds lost, moneys owed to chiro and pain and suffering. On Monday I was told that yes they do act as legal representative IF I am not a government employee. I am now having to fight a whole new battle with Federal Employee Compensation and I have been told that they may choose not to do anything depending on my case and that they won't be able to say for sure if they will accept my file for 8 - 10 weeks. Can you believe this? As for me on the bright know there is always a bright side in my world! Grace has been Crazy!!! She is getting so big, so silly and just keeping Mark and I on our toes! We went to the fabric store last night and she found Handy Manny fabric. He is a Disney character that she constantly claims to have his baby in her I agreed to get her 1 yard of fabric to make something. She chose a pillow case to "always sleep with him". So Fun! Today, I also had my first Scentsy party. I was a bit nervous at first but I found my groove and it was a blast! It was held at the drop-In for staff as a brown bag lunch. Together they purchased for over $800 and I will in turn make a donation of $100 back to the Drop-In! I like the idea of giving the host the option of making a small donation to a charity of their choice. This way everybody wins! Thanks for having me guys!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Always welcome a challenge

For those close to me you know that I am always up for a challenge and I love to try new things.

I know.. you are thinking.."As if she doesn't have enough going on" ..right?!

Well I guess not!
About a month ago I was itching to "plan" or "organise" something. I really do love doing these things. When I talked to Mark about planning another big fundraiser for the DI and Direct MS he wasn't up to it just yet. I wasn't too happy about it but that just meant I had more time to come up with ideas!

So that persistent little itch kept up and I found a baby shower to help plan. I knew this would hold me over until something else popped up...And something did!

I was at Stir Crazy a few weekends ago watching Grace play and found a catalogue selling what I thought were candles. Before I even looked inside I knew this was something I wanted to do. Mark and I looked into it and decided it was perfect for us!

So my new venture is selling Scentsy products!
I will now get to organise many parties, plan fairs and even fund raise!

I am so excited. This is something that Mark and I (even Gracie) can do together as a unit or just by myself at times too.

Take a peek at my website and see what it's all about!

I plan on making donations on a regular basis to the "Host" charity of choice.
We should all help others and this will be my start!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Oh you won't believe it!
WCB is rolling!
They have finally paid my physio and reimbursed me for the cab fares.
I am now going to have wait on their Legal department to pay the remainder for chiro but you know...they have to start somewhere!

I have been feeling so much better. I felt like I was stuck under a bolder from the stress and the worry that WCB was causing.
I have a few small symptoms that like to poke around but I welcome them because they are my small reminder that I need to stop and take a breath.

It's year end at work and things are still busy but that's great too!

Are you looking forward to summer as much as I am? Spring even! I just want to get my hands in the dirt, get flowers and seeds in the dirt and see my bulbs sprout!

Monday, February 28, 2011

So much to do!

It never ceases to surprise me how bad I feel when I don't submit blog entries on a regular basis.
All I can think of is "I really need to find a minute and blog." So here is me making an effort again!

What's been going on...
I have been and still am fighting with WCB. I have ended treatment only because WCB has told me they are done paying. What a great system this is. You are not yet well but we are done helping you... I have still not received any news from them nor have any funds been issued to pay the clinics.

I have been very busy at work doing exactly what I love. I am overly busy doing budget planning, forecasting, and so many other things. This is my niche and I am grateful for doing work that makes me feel happy!

Gracie is growing faster then I ever thought possible. I left for 2 nights for work and when I got back home her sentences were clearer and better put together. She was able to tell me what she did during the day and actually remember without being prompted. She wants to dress herself now, choose her outfits, she is also in love with animals. She loves our cats, the dogs from the daycare and every other type too! We visited Petland this past weekend and she made friends with the floor caretaker. She held bunnies, hamsters, mice, bids, Guinea pigs and was also crazy about the snakes, "dragons" lizards, fish and crabs! So fun to watch her in her element!

With me, I have been actively fighting a relapse. I have been tired, dizzy, sore and just "off" but I am dealing quite well with it.

I have also been chosen as the recipient of an award. The Arthur Smith award is awarded to 5 individuals per year to people who are actively helping the homeless community.
I will be accepting it on the 10th of March for my work on the Christmas Wishlist program. Those who know me know that I do not like to be the center of attention. I do not want recognition however I am happy that the Wishlist is getting the attention. The Clients of the DI deserve the best and will be paying it forward.

I hope to keep my end of the bargain and keep posting blogs on a more regular basis!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

P is for pain and parenting

Wow.. I think I am entering the terrible 2's!
I spend most of my days disciplining my big girl. I didn't think she was going to be this difficult!
She must have her mommy's hard head and her daddy's A.D.D.!

I am still trying to get over this car accident stuff.
I have been very tired from Grace but also about worrying about WCB and car insurance and money due to the physicians not to mention remembering where and when I am supposed to be for all the appointments.

#1 rule with MS...moderate the stress.
#1 rule with WCB...Stress the injured as much as possible.
= not a good mix

I have been noticing that my memory has been on the fritz.
If I don't see something written or write it down at that very moment I really can't recall if it was ever said or done.
I have had some pain in my knees again. To describe it would be like running on concrete or pavement for a few hours or even walking in a hot mall for too many hours with your winter coat and carrying all those the time you get home and sit down there is "that" heavy weight on your knees and legs. That's what it kind of like. I try to put a pillow under my knees but it doesn't help. Shift go either. Then I give up and go to bed.
I lay down, read, fall asleep and wake up a few hours later to pain in a different spot.

The other big thing I have noticed is I am on a short fuse. In June 2009 when I was diagnosed I noticed how easily I would get severely "pissed off". I remember even telling Dr. Yip that "I get so mad at silly things and I just want to kill and scream at whoever is ..."
I can't really put in words why this seems to be a symptom for me but it has been over the last 3 times I had active MS stuff happening. I really must work on this!

I guess I can connect this to a relapse but being me I just keep going. Such small things are not a good reason to stop because then "it" wins.

I have been spending my days trying to get answers from WCB. What people hear about WCB is true. They are making my life so difficult.

The good from today...
Having a nice meal with family and relaxing together.