Sunday, January 31, 2010


My last questions was "Can medicines used to treat addictions help with MS?"

The correct answer was yes!

The only problem...I can't remember where I found the information!
I must have found that tid-bit of info on a day where my memory wasn't the best!

From what I remember reading, there was a research study performed and the goal was to see if "old" meds could be re-used towards a different treatment.

One of the ones they discovered was a medicine formally used to help in addictions treatment and I believe it had shown to prevent swelling in the brain and in turn help the Myelin stay intact.

Sorry! I dropped the ball on this one!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still debating...

I am still feeling good today!
I am also still stuck with the debate "To take or not take the shot"...

Here are some of my dilemmas and inner debates.
My last relapse was 12 weeks and the current one was / is about 3 weeks.
Summer vs. Winter
I never felt that it was really helping.
The effects of the injection daily is a lot to deal with. The welts, the itchy feeling, the swelling, the pain...
How good can it be if I deal with this every day.
I no longer "like" taking the shot. I actually dread it at night time.
If the Liberation treatment will truly work...what's the point.
What is the point? If I have a collapsed vein which I do...what is the injection doing to help it? Shouldn't I just be taking ASA daily to thin my blood?

Sunil suggested I think of taking the injection every other day...never thought about it until then and now I can't help but think about it!

The skin on my legs is now getting very thin.
Vein blood vessels under the skin on my legs are now very purple and is just not what "health" should look like in my eyes.

I clearly have some pondering to do.
It truly is a decision only I can make and I simply have no answers at this point.

Tomorrow we are attending Mark's great uncle's funeral.
He has been ill a very long time and at 91 I think he was ready to go.
He served in World War II as well as being part of CREB (The Calgary Real Estate Board) in the early days! He has a great family and will be missed.

Rest in peace Ervie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feelin' better

Well I certainly feel better then I did early this month!
I still have a lingering sinus congestion but I am way better!
My first relapse seemed to go on forever and I missed out on a great summer because the heat and fatigue factor. 12 very long weeks.
This relapse, dare I say I'm on the tail end?
It was winter which I think made a difference because I deal way better with the cold.

The worst of this relapse I would say was the severe heat flashes.
Everyone in the office would be freezing and covering up with sweaters or even their coat and here I was looking insane in a tank top and wishing I could strip down to my undies! Not to mention the ice packs under the arms and around my neck!
I did talk to my nurse about this and it seems to be a "Natalie" symptom.

This past Saturday there was a very long story in the Calgary National Post on the research papers and procedure performed by Dr. Zamboni.
The MS clinic is not for nor against it but more interested in doing their own research which I think is fair. I also see the side of the patient. If they have had the ultrasound - like I have - and know that they have blocked or collapsed veins and arteries...FIX ME. That should be a no brainer!

The Pharmaceutical companies and the doctors employed by them obviously don't approve of the research. I promised myself not to start on this as is it a sensitive subject in our house but I will say this...In the US alone the MS Pharmaceuticals is a 8.2 Billion dollar industry....'nuf said?
Think about it...Canada is one of the countries with the most registered patients...

There are some doctors calling the Liberation treatment a hoax and are mad because there are now millions of dollars being spent to prove or negate the findings. One doctor believes that the money and time is being wasted.

I have the link if you are interested in reading it.

There were two long stories in the paper...This is the more tamed one...Imagine!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A long week

This past week has seemed ever lasting.
I have been in a relapse, fighting a sinus infection, "enjoying" some symptoms attached to my remedy, Grace was ill last night and I spent the entire week fixing other peoples mistakes.


I am looking forward to spending some time with family and relaxing this week end.

My MS symptoms seem to be fading and that is simply the best news ever!

I have an MRI booked in mid February for my 6 month check up.
By then I will have been on the shot (Copaxone) for 6 months. I am seriously thinking of stopping as I have never felt that it was working.
This is a conversation that I will be having with my neurologist.

We'll see!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of fun leads to pain

Sunday was a day filled with great friends, animals, family and food.
Anyone looking at a day filled with all these things would agree...FUN and time well spent!
I agree!

We started out waking up from a night with more sleep then most lately...Yahoo!
After eating breakfast we headed out of town to visit the Wards.
We planned a "make your own pizza" party and they are always so much fun for everyone! Well..almost everyone... A certain someone didn't care too much for the cooking part!
We then headed outside and Grace very much enjoyed her very first horse ride! So much so that she would not get off!

Later on we headed back to town to have a turkey dinner with the family. Again...lots of Fun!

It was a great day!

By 6 pm I was exhausted! I also realised that I was in pain. Everywhere.
My jaw hurt. I could feel every rib. My hips felt out of place. I could barely move my neck.
I had pain with my last relapse but I don't think it was that bad. I didn't have any of my pain killers do I took 3 Advil's and felt better enough to get home and help Mark get Gracie in bed.

I don't think I over did it but that's the way it goes some days with MS. You can go from bad, to good to great...all in one day!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consult with Sunil

I must admit that homeopathy is truly an amazing thing.
Many people have not yet heard of it and some have but are skeptical.

Donna first helped me with Shingles when I had no idea what homeopathy was. I then sat with her for a full consult to help with the severe eczema on my hands which has been 95% better for over 4 years.

My meeting with Sunil yesterday was a good one.
Unless you understand the fundamentals of homeopathy it's hard to understand how explaining the way something feels to you specifically or the what the meaning of a word is to you leads to finding a remedy.

Both my consults were very different and they were both great.

Sunil and I chatted for over 2 hours. We started off talking about what was bothering me the most and that led me to talk about the beach, grass, snakes, being in control and dirt. I know it must sound strange but this lead Sunil to find a remedy for me.

It is of the snake family - Coral snake - I have taken my remedy today and about 15 minutes later I felt much more awake then I had all day.

I was awake with Grace all night last night. so naturally I am tired but this is on top of having a cold and being in a relapse.

I'm curious to see where this remedy will take me...I'll fill you in!

As far as the question of the week...No one guessed the right answer! I do not have the proper document at home and I will blog about the answer as soon as I have the document!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good day...a bad day

Well it's been almost a week since I have admitted to being in a relapse.
I have had good days and bad but the days actually change by the minute and hour!

I've spoken in the past about seeing my Chiropractor for a specific adjustment that is targeted for MS patients. On Tuesday afternoon I went to see Dr. Kale and I kidd you not...within 2 minutes my headache was gone and I wasn't feeling overly dizzy anymore. It was a great feeling to know that something could be done to help me feel better in a situation where I feel completely helpless.

The last 2 days had ups and downs. This relapse I have been tired but the worse has been the headaches and dizziness.

Every night when I go to bed I like to read for a bit to "come down" from the day. Last night
when I laid down my leg went numb...I panicked but it was gone as fast as it came and I was fine today...Thank GOD!

Tomorrow I have a consult with Sunil. He is a homeopath from India. He has been coming to Vancouver over the past few months and helping Canadian Homeopaths rediscover things that they were thought but may need a bit of guidance to find again. This may not be the best way to explain it but "Layman's terms" as they say!

I have been a little bit nervous about meeting with him but the more I think about it and the closer the day comes, the more excited I get. I can honestly say I am giddy about it now!

I'm going to take this as a good sign and let you know how it all went tomorrow!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The day has come

I think the worst part with MS is the not knowing.
The not knowing if tomorrow is going to be a good day. The not knowing if the simple walk in the grocery store will be too much to handle. Even as simple as the heat in the house at night being too high even if it's set low.

I am now in a relapse. Despite not feeling well I am still positive about it because I know it will get better. Could be tomorrow, next week or in 6 weeks but I'll get better!

The difference I notice from a relapse to a cold for example is that I am helpless.
With a cold you can medicate with de-congestion tablets or cough syrup and so on but in this case all I can do is wait.

My symptoms this time round are all over the map but I can still see...with both eyes!

I have been very dizzy for about a week, I have also had a headache. I feel like there is a brick on the back on my neck making my spine very uncomfortable.
My digestion track is not working properly. I'm on heat over load...then I get cold.
I have been having muscle spasms in the shoulder blades as well as my neck area.
My legs have been hurting and I am tired.

This all adds up to not being in the right frame of mind and making me impatient.

I'll keep you posted on how I feel over the next few days!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A good weekend

Well this morning I woke up feeling much better again!
I still have this great headache but that I can live with. If I've got my sunglasses on...son;t ask questions!

The weather is set to be nice and warm. I think we may dress Gracie up in her snow suit and go outside!

Enjoy the warm weather and take in the natural vitamin D3 vs. the pill form!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A better day

After not feeling great last night I did manage to get to bed at a more reasonable time and did wake up this morning feeling much better! I still have my headache and am tired but the other stuff has calmed down.

When I am not feeling 100% I tend to increase my MS research and did just that yesterday.
Some of the titles that I have pulled up to read are very interesting...

Epstein-Barr virus (mono) and MS
Tuberculosis meds helping MS
Lots of articles are being released about the high iron deposits on the brain
I even found a research on women having children are extending their healthy life with MS.

I will be reading all these articles and keeping you posted on what I find.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A bad day

I have been a bad girl lately and staying up way passed my bedtime playing video games!
Mark and I have been enjoying playing Viva Piniata together and we tend to loose track of time. You should try sounds childish but it sure is fun!

Last night my legs and knees hurt so much I wanted to cry. When I finally convinced myself to stand up I could barely stand and thought for sure that I would need a cane to get around today.

I woke up in a fright because Mark had a bad leg cramp. Once that wore off I realised how bad I was feeling and I am still feeling it this afternoon.

My left arm is numb and hurts. My left leg and knee still feel weak. I have a great headache at the base of my skull and my eyes are finding things too bright.

The moral of the story today...don't stay up passed your bedtime but do spend time enjoying your loved ones company!