Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At home...

Ironically I was talking to my boss a few weeks back and realised I hadn't been off for more then a long weekend in forever...Then I also realised that my Day Care was going to be closed for a whole week...Yikes.. What does a mommy do with no child care...
Work from home!

I am at home with Grace this whole week!
It's fun but very demanding to be on the computer while she pulls on my leg because she wants me to play and keep her busy. Not to mention the laundry, dishes and everything else I feel compelled to accomplish...I am home after all!

This morning I was washing dishes when Grace ...let's do it this way..
"Mommy, I need a bench"
"Ok...here you go"
"Thanks Mommy"
Then there was quiet followed by water dripping...
Thought process...What have I done....
I walk to the bathroom and there she was on the toilet doing her business!
I know... I am super proud too!
She has been potty trained for many months but I am usually told it's time to go and I have to follow, pull down, wipe and pull up...

What a great moment that she did it all by herself and kept it up for about 10 times after that!

That's all I had today...
Enjoy the sun and hope it's here to stay!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keepin' busy

I have had a few really bad days, a few not too bad and always lots of better days. I got more bad news from WCB and almost instantaneously my neck went out. When I say my neck was out you may not think much of it but with me that means my first 4 vertebrae are out not properly aligned. This is directly linked to my MS symptoms. Later that day, I was dizzy, I had no energy to move from my chair. I was in pain. I was mad. I had a horrible day but I was busy so I kept trying to work. Never the best idea when your health is on the line. Being year end at work I know how many things there are to do so I hung in there and waited 1 whole week to go see my dear Dr. Kale. After a week of not sleeping, being so angry (anger with me seems to be my first sign that my MS is on the Fritz. I just get so angry. I could literally pick up my pen by the wrong end and it would make me want to hit a wall) I was so happy to be at the clinic. 4 minutes on my belly and BOOM! I felt like a million dollars! As soon as I left there I went to work and was actually able to concentrate and do work. I am grateful that there are people who concentrate their efforts on learning what can help make others feel and be better. Most of us would be ...where would you be without these great people who are there to help... Think about it!