Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Assessment - Part 2

I am really getting bad at my daily blog session!
I have been batting a once a weeker...I have been far too busy enjoying Family and the Outdoors! I hope you have been doing the same!
After all...that is what is most important!

My last entry I promised to share more information once I had it. Here it is!

Please visit the following link for the information in "their words" ;)

When it comes down to it...
On Saturday, Dr. Kale and his team is offering free assessments for family and friends of his patients to see if you could benefit from chiropractic care.
They have set aside a few spots under my name for my readers.
If you would like to attend, please call 403-246-0334 and let them know you are calling for one of my spots!

I hope to write later tonight but we'll see!
Enjoy the "lovely" weather!

Think positive...The Farmers really need the rain and so do the firefighters in northern AB!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free assesment...

I promise to share more information once I have it but I want to share with you the little I do know!

My Chiro Clinic (Chase) is hosting a speaker from the US on June 3rd at the Globe theater and continuing with the health and wellness theme that Saturday they will be doing free assessments by appointments to see if you could benefit from treatment.

They have placed my name on 5 spots for my fellow bloggers if you are interested to attend.

I'll post more in the next few days once I receive the info!

Oh what a treat!

I did not forget about you...I promise!

I simply have been enjoying the "treat" of being able to enjoy the outdoors!
You see last summer I missed the whole season. Being in an active relapse I was not able to endure the heat, the sun and I also couldn't see from one eye so it just wasn't working for me.

I have spent every possible moment outdoors since the weather has been nice.

I done some gardening, I've painted with Gracie on tree stumps (Great Garden accessory!), I sat on the sidewalk and drew with chalk (Do you remember the last time you did that?) and Even just sat. I forgot how much fun summer can be and it hasn't really started yet!

Bring it on and PLEASE keep me healthy!

I always have believed that you only take things your body is telling you that you need. Same when you are taking a prescribed medicine and then you start to forget to take it...typically you aren't needing it anymore. I have been forgetting to take my Vitamin D3 tablets on a regular basis! OOOPS!
I think I have been getting so much sun that I don't think I need my 4000 IU's daily at the moment.

My advice to you today...GO ENJOY THE SUMMER!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So strange!

So little time!
It seems we have been too busy to think lately. Have you?
Between research, work, home, family and simply me I just don't know what way it up sometime!

That is a great seg-way...

I have heard and read of many fellow MS'ers talk and write about the "Fog". I never could relate until this past week. I think I get it now! I always do my best to look to the bright side so on this one I tell myself "it only last a few minutes". I can't imagine what it must be like to be like this days in and out!
How can I describe?
It's like this..I'll be sitting doing something and a few minutes later I wonder how long I was "out" for. I am still awake and conscious but I haven't a clue how to connect the dots for a few minutes. So strange!

Another strange thing that has been going on for some time that I never really wrote about was my numb legs. This has been going on for some time but I again don't dwell on it so I always forget to talk about it!

I walked to Mark's work on Friday afternoon. I walked about 1 city block before my legs went numb. They only ever go numb when I am walking - not looking around in the grocery store walking ;). I am also a fast walker.
To describe this would be like this.
I hate to make you think winter...Spring is finally just starting to make an effort but here goes!
Try, if you will to remember what it's like when there is a snow storm and you are out shovelling. The wind and snow make your legs really cold. When you come in from outside and touch your legs...this is it...You can feel yourself touching them but your legs can't really feel you touching them. This is just before your legs start to sting because you are so cold and starting to warm up!
That's what my legs feel like when I walk fast to get somewhere. I can feel my pants, the stitching of my pants, my pockets, the hem...all of it.
Once I sit for a few minutes I am ok again.

So strange!

Friday, May 7, 2010

CCSVI treatment - BC#1&2

I failed to tell you of a meeting that was taking place in Vancouver the night I left.
I should have shared!

The night I left after my imaging there was a meeting being help and Dr. Godley was to attend to speak of CCSVI. I was not able to attend but did watch the broadcast online the next morning.
He announced that he and a team of surgeons had performed the first Liberation in BC earlier that day.

I cried.

That patient speaks out now 3 weeks later to a Toronto news paper. He was on his way to being bed ridden and he now goes to the park with his wife.

Please take a minute to read the story!
Deb - thanks for sharing!

You should also know that today the Victoria Island Health Authority is looking to rebuke the radiologist. Read more....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Comment moderator..

Hmmm....What's that?

Well I was changing my blog around yesterday - as you may have noticed - and there was a notice saying I had to moderate a comment.

If you would like more information on the lberation treatment and how to get it please go check out my entry on March 5th called the Liberation Treatment.

I do not know the person or company. You will have to do your homework but they placed a lot of information for you to read!

I guess I'll watch for that from now on!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An update on me.

I thought that since today is Global CCSVI Day I would recap my story.

Here goes!

On June 19th,2010 it will have been 1 year since I was diagnosed with MS.
Last May - one year time flies! - I was going through a very stressful time personally. I wasn't sleeping, hardly eating and dealing with a few things I won't share here.

On June 4th I was blind in one eye. Being the hard headed woman I am I ignored it.
We had a family diner that weekend and the whole family was urging me to get it looked at. I caved and seen my eye doctor on the Tuesday. His report was that I either had MS (I had to idea what it was at the time) or a tumor on the brain. Common sense kicked in...Eh! I'll take MS please! It didn't sound as serious!

This did not worry me one bit. I mean Hey..I was 26 and a healthy young woman and new mom. I couldn't be sick.

But by Friday I had seen an eye specialist and she basically said oh you must have MS...I'll send you for an MRI. She was not friendly what so ever and leaving I broke down in worry. Only lasted a hour. I must be fine!
(As a side note here - I received a call in late October to book my MRI in January. Hello...8 months I would have waited to know what was going on.)

Mark's work was very worried and knew more of MS then I did so they told us to book in for an MRI at a private clinic and they would cover the cost. Ends up Mayfair Clinic covered the cost. Thank You!

By June 19th I was back in Dr. Yip's office and had my diagnosis.
I left his office and went straight to Chapters. Spent too much money on books and started reading.

Other then the one hour I spent being worried and sad I have not let this beat me down. I have always looked to the bright side and I truly believe that this is a healing methods in itself.
I don't look at MS as a bad thing. Simply something that has been given to me as a mission to either fix or find answers. I has also given me a different outlook on life, how I deal with things and what is truly important.

A few months later Greg turned me on to blogging! Thank you! I very much enjoy this now!

By Late August, Chris and Ann gave Mark and I this research paper they got in Europe by a doctor named Zamboni.
Wow what a dry read that was! But I knew it was breakthrough stuff and I shared with all my doctors. No one knew what this was about. I researched and dug and dug for information. Dr. Kale actually thought it made sense and coincided with the Upper Cervical Care he provides.

October 5th I started work again from being on maternity leave. A few weeks later I was out of office and I had a co-worker call me to tell me of a W5 report I should watch.

Oh....Dr. Zamboni!
Finally you pop out of the woodwork!
I cried.

Now almost one year later he has come a long way and so have I.
He is making progress spreading the word and pushing for more answers.
I have been for the testing and am healthy and not a candidate for the procedure.

I am continuing to gather information and hope that one day something will apply to those of us who do not seem to be affected by CCSVI at this time.

Let the research continue!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Global CCSVI Day

Tomorrow, May 5th will now be known as Global CCSVI Day.

Please take the time to visit a few links, learn of the disease (linked to MS) and share with some friends what you know!

Thanks everyone!

1 Happy pill please!

My "Happy Pills"... I know you are wondering what this is!
Let me elaborate the situation first!

Last week I seen my neuro, Dr. Costello.
I failed or more like omitted to tell you everything right away. You see, I needed to have something else to write about!

Being that I was so healthy in my blood work, my MRI's and seemed to be symptoms free. Homeopathy and Upper Cervical Care also seems to be working and all that on top of my eyes being almost 100% healed I had a heart to heart with Dr. Costello.

"I am fed up of taking my injections!"

And Voila....

"Well, let's stop them then."


And there we have it. I have been injection free for one week tomorrow!
I am relieved and happy but I have this tremendous feeling of guilt. Almost like I am cheating on a big test and not wanting anyone to find out!

I fully expect to have a relapse or at the very least have some symptoms pop up.
I used to take my injections at night before bed.

Day 1 was normal and didn't find anything different.
Day 2 & 3 I could feel "goop" draining from my brain. Such an odd feeling!
They last few days I have been super busy and therefore very tired. Yesterday I was up at 5.30am and didn't stop until 9pm.
I was getting overheated and dizzy and by 9pm I simply folded and passed out. That was it.

In comes the Happy pills!

Dr. Yip prescribed Alertec when I was first diagnosed because I could barely stay awake. Having a 6 month old at the time I needed to make sure I was up to tend to her.

This morning we had an important meeting and I was falling a sleep every time I would blink.
I needed HELP!

I took a pill and an hour later it was like a cartoon....DING!
Happy and speedy!

Thus I have named them my Happy Pills!