Monday, February 28, 2011

So much to do!

It never ceases to surprise me how bad I feel when I don't submit blog entries on a regular basis.
All I can think of is "I really need to find a minute and blog." So here is me making an effort again!

What's been going on...
I have been and still am fighting with WCB. I have ended treatment only because WCB has told me they are done paying. What a great system this is. You are not yet well but we are done helping you... I have still not received any news from them nor have any funds been issued to pay the clinics.

I have been very busy at work doing exactly what I love. I am overly busy doing budget planning, forecasting, and so many other things. This is my niche and I am grateful for doing work that makes me feel happy!

Gracie is growing faster then I ever thought possible. I left for 2 nights for work and when I got back home her sentences were clearer and better put together. She was able to tell me what she did during the day and actually remember without being prompted. She wants to dress herself now, choose her outfits, she is also in love with animals. She loves our cats, the dogs from the daycare and every other type too! We visited Petland this past weekend and she made friends with the floor caretaker. She held bunnies, hamsters, mice, bids, Guinea pigs and was also crazy about the snakes, "dragons" lizards, fish and crabs! So fun to watch her in her element!

With me, I have been actively fighting a relapse. I have been tired, dizzy, sore and just "off" but I am dealing quite well with it.

I have also been chosen as the recipient of an award. The Arthur Smith award is awarded to 5 individuals per year to people who are actively helping the homeless community.
I will be accepting it on the 10th of March for my work on the Christmas Wishlist program. Those who know me know that I do not like to be the center of attention. I do not want recognition however I am happy that the Wishlist is getting the attention. The Clients of the DI deserve the best and will be paying it forward.

I hope to keep my end of the bargain and keep posting blogs on a more regular basis!