Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a week...

...And it's only Wednesday! I thought WCB was getting better...then I got a call and it stressed me out all over again! Within minutes of hanging up the phone I was upset, stressed out and then my MS adjustment went all out of whack so I need to see the chiro! I have said many times that my Upper Cervical Care is a miraculous thing and it truly is! The second it's not properly aligned I feel horrid. I have been very busy and not able to get in to see Dr. Kale and I miss him dearly!! I have been dizzy, unable to focus properly, sore, not sleeping - almost like I am drunk...just not functioning. So so strange! WCB promised me they would be acting as my legal representative to collect funds from the 3rd party insurance company for funds lost, moneys owed to chiro and pain and suffering. On Monday I was told that yes they do act as legal representative IF I am not a government employee. I am now having to fight a whole new battle with Federal Employee Compensation and I have been told that they may choose not to do anything depending on my case and that they won't be able to say for sure if they will accept my file for 8 - 10 weeks. Can you believe this? As for me on the bright know there is always a bright side in my world! Grace has been Crazy!!! She is getting so big, so silly and just keeping Mark and I on our toes! We went to the fabric store last night and she found Handy Manny fabric. He is a Disney character that she constantly claims to have his baby in her I agreed to get her 1 yard of fabric to make something. She chose a pillow case to "always sleep with him". So Fun! Today, I also had my first Scentsy party. I was a bit nervous at first but I found my groove and it was a blast! It was held at the drop-In for staff as a brown bag lunch. Together they purchased for over $800 and I will in turn make a donation of $100 back to the Drop-In! I like the idea of giving the host the option of making a small donation to a charity of their choice. This way everybody wins! Thanks for having me guys!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Always welcome a challenge

For those close to me you know that I am always up for a challenge and I love to try new things.

I know.. you are thinking.."As if she doesn't have enough going on" ..right?!

Well I guess not!
About a month ago I was itching to "plan" or "organise" something. I really do love doing these things. When I talked to Mark about planning another big fundraiser for the DI and Direct MS he wasn't up to it just yet. I wasn't too happy about it but that just meant I had more time to come up with ideas!

So that persistent little itch kept up and I found a baby shower to help plan. I knew this would hold me over until something else popped up...And something did!

I was at Stir Crazy a few weekends ago watching Grace play and found a catalogue selling what I thought were candles. Before I even looked inside I knew this was something I wanted to do. Mark and I looked into it and decided it was perfect for us!

So my new venture is selling Scentsy products!
I will now get to organise many parties, plan fairs and even fund raise!

I am so excited. This is something that Mark and I (even Gracie) can do together as a unit or just by myself at times too.

Take a peek at my website and see what it's all about!

I plan on making donations on a regular basis to the "Host" charity of choice.
We should all help others and this will be my start!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Oh you won't believe it!
WCB is rolling!
They have finally paid my physio and reimbursed me for the cab fares.
I am now going to have wait on their Legal department to pay the remainder for chiro but you know...they have to start somewhere!

I have been feeling so much better. I felt like I was stuck under a bolder from the stress and the worry that WCB was causing.
I have a few small symptoms that like to poke around but I welcome them because they are my small reminder that I need to stop and take a breath.

It's year end at work and things are still busy but that's great too!

Are you looking forward to summer as much as I am? Spring even! I just want to get my hands in the dirt, get flowers and seeds in the dirt and see my bulbs sprout!