Friday, September 24, 2010

A warm weekend ahead!

If you are like me then you have been listening to the weather report every day hoping to hear the words sun or +20 something weather...And guess heard correct this morning!
No you weren't dreaming...but I can only promise that tomorrow!

I woke up tired this morning and did think I was dreaming with the sound of +23 for Saturday...What!!!!
The good news is that I woke up tired from sleeping the whole night. It was the first night in maybe 3 weeks, maybe more that Grace slept the whole time!
Not to sound superstitious but I wish I could remember exactly what we did leading up to bed time!

I'll be taking advantage of the +23 to the fullest this weekend!
Mark and I are going to clean the flower beds, mow the grass, plant some bulbs and maybe we'll make it to the park for Miss Moo to enjoy herself too!

What will you do to enjoy the warm day?

Thursday, September 23, 2010 least for a few days!

Peek a boo...I see you!

Finally.. the sun pokes through the clouds...

It's a sight for sore eyes...I mean it makes my eyes sore!

Wow! I walked out from my office building at lunch today and thought my eyes were going to catch fire! It was so long since they seen the "brightness"!

Unfortunately with the days getting shorter it's hard to enjoy the few hours of sun but having a nice lunch with great friends in a well open area let me get some sun and relax! Thanks you 2 ;)

I have not been getting full nights sleep for a few weeks now and I am getting ragged.

Grace has been getting up every night and calling for me and a bottle. Lucky Me I figured out how to get her back to bed but it involves a white lie...every night. I feel like a bad mom but I get to go back to bed!

My lie..."I'll be right back..."

I do eventually come the morning, after a nice warm shower and something in my belly!

All kidding aside, being waken up every night is not good for anyone on a regular day.

For me the fatigue is starting to show in my left eye muscle. It hurts when I I look to the far right. My entire body hurts from head to toe. Almost like I had a full body work out and I have just felt a little bit off.

Hopefully Grace will start doing her nights again soon...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Comfort food anyone

I think we are all thinking the same...soup, pot roast, hot chocolate...
Am I on to something here!

I must admit that with this weather I too have succumbed to the soup (I hate soup on a regular day), the nice bone in beef roast (I had 2 in 3 days!) and the hot chocolate in our house turned into watered down apple cider (less sugar). the comfort food was definitely designed for a good reason but one thing I want you to keep in mind is the "good" food we still need to keep enjoying from the summer months.

I am struggling with eating my fruit and veggie snacks everyday but there are so many good vitamins that we all need. Keep eating them! Even if it's only 10 grapes, or 5 strawberries or the alternate for the season...grab a pear!

I stopped taking my vitamin D3 over the summer months since I was outside every day.
Did you know that you need a minimum of 2o minutes in the sun with your arms and legs bare (even from sunscreen) to get your daily dose of D3?
I have started taking my D3 x 4 tablets everyday again. It's hard to get back in the habit but I certainly feel the difference when I take them.

That's all for today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A quote and a picture

"Stop and smell the...sunflowers"!

"Dance like no one is watching you!"

The summer seems over

Well folks...Calgary has seen it's first snow fall and being September that sucks!
Thursday was my birthday and I was blessed to have so many people wish me the best. It was the second time in my life that I woke on my birthday to see snow...what a wake up call!
I guess that means summer has said it's goodbye.

I am not sad to see the end of summer.
In our house the month of September marks the beginning of the Christmas season. I are thinking we are nuts! This is where we start to plan for the Christmas Wishlist at the Drop-In Center.

Our hearts have been in this project even since day one five years ago. We plan it, we organise it, we see it through to the end and enjoy all aspects of it.

I will keep you posted over the next few months!

As far as health wise I am doing very well. I have been working out with Mark at least once a week.
On September first Mark's total weight loss for this Fundraiser was 32 pounds. In total he raised over $1,000.00. He is still collecting so it may get higher!
I have never followed my weight but I feel better, my clothes feel more comfortable and an happy with how we are doing.

My MS has been dormant and I am grateful every day!
This past week my eyes have been dry and the muscle in my left eye (the one where I loss my eye sight) has been sensitive when I look to the left. I have been lacking sleep so I have to work on that one!

I hope with the end of summer I will be able to Blog for you more often.
See you soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

1 year check up late!

Well I just seen Dr. Costello for my 1 year eye recap.
I was supposed to see her in late June but I had to rebook for my trip to Ottawa.

I am no longer a lab-rat! I have graduated and am now free!
Both studies that I joined under her care have now been completed and she is very satisfied.

After 14 months my eye sight has returned to 93%. According to Dr. Costello this is an outstanding result. I was told that I heal amazingly well. In fact...

There are 4 - 6 eye tests that she and her team performed on me over the past year.
Showing me all the results she indicated that without knowing my history or seeing all the test result collaboratively she would not be able to guess where if any damage occurred.

Isn't great!

I will see her again at the MS clinic soon but I am done with the Rockyview Eye Clinic for now!