Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Days...

And the livin' is easy!

Don't you just love summer?
When else can you sit outside...just to sit?
When else can you bring out the plates and plastic cups and eat a meal?
When else do you have the chance to get to know your neighbours?
When else do you get to have a tan without having to pay $99.95 for 100 minutes?

I have to say summer is now my favorite time!
Granted I have had a few days this past week where I couldn't so much as look at the sun never mind being outside but we always have to take the good with the bad!

Grace has been struggling at night time for about 3 weeks now. Last week it got the better of me and I could barely sleep and I ended up having a melt down on Friday. I got some sleep on the weekend and now all is good!
And...Grace finally slept all night last night! Thank God!!!

Yesterday we went to the Eau Claire YMCA. We had so much fun and we are hoping to go once a week!

Grace and I along with Grama and Bumpa played in the pool. Did you know there is such a thing as a pool where the bottom raises for the "short" people? That was a first for me!
Mark went for a workout and had a good time too...However he came home injured.

We spent the day so far at the doctor's office, the x-ray office, the pharmacy and it's only noon!
We thought it was a fracture but the doctor is pretty sure we are only looking a at bad sprain. Let's hope!

Go out and enjoy the summer...while you still can!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Everyone needs a gentle reminder sometimes that we are not invisible...
I am not...I like to think I am but nope! Not even me!

What a week..
Monday we had golf ball size hail...lost of damage to so many people. We were spared!
Tuesday...more rain and yuckness...Please bring some sun..I am getting depressed!

You see, I was off at home with Grace this week and had so many plans to get out and have fun with her. Our first 2 days weren't what I had in mind!

Wednesday Mark took off and we went to Stampede. What a great day! We had lots of fun so much so that we decided to go again in the afternoon after a power nap! We walked and walked and heat and walked! Fun!!

Thursday was a great day too, Grace and I played in and around the house. Planted lettuce seeds. That started out great and then Grace grabbed about 100 seeds when I turned for 6 seconds and dumped it...Should be interesting!

Today was a great trip to the zoo with Gramma. Thanks for the pass! I can tell there will be lots of fun to come!

We were there for about 4 hours. Seen lots, ran lots, played hard, ate and played some more. Then we headed for the car with 10 seconds to spare before the rain and thunder started! Ah..we were safe in the car!

My friendly little reminder...came knocking when I got home...Wow...
(This is were I start talking to myself!)
What a headache...haven't had this in a long time.
Hmmm...maybe I should nap while Grace is sleeping. I'll wake up all better. NOT!
I had some of my remedy - not working. Thank God Grace wanted a quiet moment!

Mark got home and I thought maybe I was just hungry. We headed out to eat.
No go. It was still there.
A little bit of caffeine..that must be the go.
We went and got some groceries and by this point I was so dizzy from my headache I could barely watch Grace walk.
When we got home I sat. Just sat. I was hoping this would help take the spinning away.
No go again.
This is when I got desperate...2 IBP 600 later and I still have a headache but I am not so dizzy.

This is what I am calling a reminder.
It is very important to listen to your body. If you feel Hungry? eat.
I have been very lucky health wise and maybe I was starting to be too confident...

Let's hope tomorrow brings calmness and a happy head!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A sun burn...

On me?
Can't be!'s official.. I was able to be outside in the hot weather long enough to buy myself a sun burn!

This past weekend we worked lots on the yard...It's like a second baby!
We (and by we I mean mostly Mark :P) Removed all of our concrete stones that was a small sitting area, took out all the weeds, roots and other random items...did what needed to be done and we are half way done.
Along with that Bumpa came over and kept working on Gracie's fort!. I was up there too helping.

Lots of hard work...good food and great company makes for great progress and a good looking back yard!

I am very happy yo be in the back yard now!
What makes me happiest however is the fact that is was nice outside and I was able to help.
You see, last year we had to re-shingle our roof. It was like 28C the day we choose to do the work and I was only able to come outside for 5 minutes at a time. It was so hard because I like to be in the action, getting dirty and learning how to do the "manly" things!

Here to health!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mark - Healthy Life Style change

As mentioned a few times, I have created a page to keep you posted on Mark's progress.
I am so proud of him.
He is very dedicated and I thought it might be nice to share a few of the recipes that we have tried and liked! Maybe you will too!

Take a look up top!

A cold summer in Calgary

Most would say...Please bring on the heat!
I one the other hand...quite like it!

I has been very cool here for the past week or so. Maybe even a little too cool for my liking but I am happy!

On Saturday we spent some time with friends for dinner and some more time with our neighbours later on. It was very nice to spend time with friends and relax. The problem with this is that relaxing and taking it easy typically leads to a beer (or 3 good drinks ;)). I have no problem with alcohol but you see...the last time I had more then one drink was before Grace was a "thought!"

We stayed up way past 2 am and it was a very early morning on Sunday...Even if Grace slept until 9am! It took me 2 days to recover. I was dizzy, headache, the "brick on my shoulders" all the typical MS stuff that pops up when I skip sleep!

I know that I must watch my rest and be sure to get to bed at a reasonable time and blah blah blah! But like anyone else..I like to have fun once in a while. I had to pay for it!

Tomorrow I am headed to the park with Chantale and the kids. Should be lots of fun.
We have going to have a picnic and play in the kiddy pool!

I will do my best to post a picture or 2!