Wednesday, January 5, 2011

P is for pain and parenting

Wow.. I think I am entering the terrible 2's!
I spend most of my days disciplining my big girl. I didn't think she was going to be this difficult!
She must have her mommy's hard head and her daddy's A.D.D.!

I am still trying to get over this car accident stuff.
I have been very tired from Grace but also about worrying about WCB and car insurance and money due to the physicians not to mention remembering where and when I am supposed to be for all the appointments.

#1 rule with MS...moderate the stress.
#1 rule with WCB...Stress the injured as much as possible.
= not a good mix

I have been noticing that my memory has been on the fritz.
If I don't see something written or write it down at that very moment I really can't recall if it was ever said or done.
I have had some pain in my knees again. To describe it would be like running on concrete or pavement for a few hours or even walking in a hot mall for too many hours with your winter coat and carrying all those the time you get home and sit down there is "that" heavy weight on your knees and legs. That's what it kind of like. I try to put a pillow under my knees but it doesn't help. Shift go either. Then I give up and go to bed.
I lay down, read, fall asleep and wake up a few hours later to pain in a different spot.

The other big thing I have noticed is I am on a short fuse. In June 2009 when I was diagnosed I noticed how easily I would get severely "pissed off". I remember even telling Dr. Yip that "I get so mad at silly things and I just want to kill and scream at whoever is ..."
I can't really put in words why this seems to be a symptom for me but it has been over the last 3 times I had active MS stuff happening. I really must work on this!

I guess I can connect this to a relapse but being me I just keep going. Such small things are not a good reason to stop because then "it" wins.

I have been spending my days trying to get answers from WCB. What people hear about WCB is true. They are making my life so difficult.

The good from today...
Having a nice meal with family and relaxing together.