Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today was day one of physio.
I really thought I didn't need it. and I really think that most of the pain is relative to the MS stuff vs. the car accident but a person does what a person got's to get done!

I have spent 3 days of completing form after form after form only to fill out some more! There really must be a simpler way to do this. I have filled out the same info on about 4 forms!

I really like my phys therapist. She is French, from Ottawa and I went to school with her best friend! Small world.

Today I got simple muscle massage and acupuncture. I feel way worst now then I have the last few days but I know I'll get better.

On Friday I am going to see Dr. Kale (chiro) do fix my adjustment for upper cervical care.

On a personal side of things I have been super busy doing what we all do this time of year...Everything Christmas! Cards, shopping, baking, cleaning not to mention the extra 20 -40 hours a week for the Wishlist. Go take a peek...The stories are so special!
Poor Grace...she must feel like we forgot about her all together!
She is still without her "la susse" and in big girl panties!

Life...as always...is great!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I gave in

I woke up pretty stiff this morning so I gave in and went to the doctor's office.
After some waiting I was seen and was told...
"Given your past history of back pain, car accidents and MS you would be silly not to get seen at a physio clinic."

So I guess I will have to give in again and find a clinic downtown.
She also agreed with me that given my last year of chiro care it was probably a good idea to go see Dr. Kale again as I might have gotten jostled enough to undo all the progress I have made.

I love when people don't pay attention on the road...

Please, for all of our sake...Pay Attention to yourself and others while on the road.

Be Safe!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Car accident

Today I returned to school!
Just kidding...kind of!

I am taking a one week class on Excel to help me better myself at work.
So far so good! I am taking the class from Chinook Learning Services and they seem pretty good!

We were running late getting there this am. Traffic has been horrible since we have had this cold snap. We were finally one minute away. We could see the parking lot and WHAM some bone head hit the back passenger side of the car.
I think I am OK, I am a little stiff but I have been struggling with pain for a few weeks so I will have to wait and see what the morning brings.

Follow up on Gracie...She is doing very well with the big girl toilet!
Yeah Gracie!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My symptoms

Now that I got my feelings and opinions out...
I don't very often complain about my symptoms. I won't even acknowledge them most of the time. I feel that would give them power...strange eh! but it has worked this long!

For about 2 weeks now I have been getting pretty bad migraines. Today I actually seen stars.
I have been getting double the rest and symptoms seem worst. How does that happen!

With Grace...This weekend we got her big girl panties...she is now potty trained!
Well mostly! She still has accidents but she wakes up with a dry diaper and the rest of the day she is in panties! What a girl!

The Drop-In...The Christmas Wishlist gets a move on this week!
We are so excited! We have been working very hard, with lots of help from great people.
The interview with the clients start this Wednesday. Then their stories will be posted on wishlist.thedi.ca where members from the general public can sponsor them.

Mark and I truly love this program.
I hope to find an elf outfit and bring Gracie for a few hours this year!

This week...put up your Christmas tree...ours is up ;)

Life is good! Even with the bitter cold!

One death for Liberation

Many have asked me how I feel about the news of one death after the Liberation treatment.

I have many views on this.
My first being that I feel very sad for the family. A loss is never easy and this is not an exception.

My second is anguish. I'm angry that media will find one person, one death and focus...capitalize if you wish on such a horrible thing. They failed however at showing how many MS'ers have gained from the treatment. How many have been able to stand up, or move an arm or even had better bladder control. Why is it that they show one death and make it sound like this treatment is the worst thing out there.

I am disgusted that the Canadian doctors refused health care to a Canadian resident. A person who was born here and has participated in paying taxes and CPP and most likely all other things "Canadian". I am discussed that people from other ethnic groups will come to Canada (don't get me wrong immigration I have no problems with) and bring many other family members here simply for our health care (this is were I see the problem). How is bringing an 80 year old to Canada help anything other then lining the doctors pockets with more money.

Do I sound a bit harsh...Yes but I think that some if not most probably think the same but won't say anything.

How I feel...It's a good questions.

If I was a serious MS case, if I met the requirements for the Liberation treatment, I would do an other fundraiser and get my butt where ever I could and get operated on.
I think that if you get even one day of sweet relief from your symptoms...it would be worth it.
I hope that people do not give up on hope. This treatment has helped and just like any other treatment...it's not for everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The busy life of me!

I don't think I have to tell you that I've been busy!

I was in Vancouver last week for work. What a great time I had!
We covered lots of subjects in our meeting and after hours was even better!
We went to visit Mink. Marc the owner is so nice and funny too. He talked to us about how he traveled all over the world before deciding to start making chocolates. He told us of his wife's favorite chocolate bar and of certain stories attached to certain bars. If you are in the Vancouver area I must recommend a visit to Mink!
Thank you Marc for your time and congrats on baby #2!

While in Vancouver we also had a team building activity thru Canadian Outback Adventures. We chose to try out the "Cake Boss" activity. This was so much fun! We decorated lots of cakes and then we got to enjoy the cake with some coffee. If you are looking for something to do with a bunch of people give them a call!

While I was away Mark played super Dad.
I say super Dad because Grace had a bout of food poisoning and was quite ill.
Mark was great with her, did too many loads of laundry and lacked sleep but was wonderful!
It was heart breaking to get calls from Grace saying "Mommy...come home".

While away I was doing well until Thursday.
Travel + lack of sleep and worry = bad health.
I was in a dark boardroom for 3 days. I forgot my vitamin D3 and was not feeling "right".
I started getting headaches, that weight on the back of my neck was back and I was hoping for the best.

This week I am still not feeling bang on but am feeling much better.

Tomorrow I hope that you take 5 minutes and thank someone who is part of the forces.
They deserve our Thanks!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meat balls, burns and visits

I have been so bad and I am so sorry.
It's been a very strange past month but here goes!

On October 5th it had been one whole year back at work from Maternity leave. I can't belive it!It's been a great year. I still love my work, love coming home to be with Mark and Grace and still look forward to both going to work and coming home! Life is good!

Mid-month, after a very busy weekend we were looking forward to having a good home cooked meal on a Sunday night before going back to work...that was too much to ask for!
Mark was on meat ball duty and I was on veggies and something else I forget!
He browned the outside of the meat balls and placed them in the oven to finish cooking. He took the pan out of the oven and placed in on the stove. He then turned around to grab a plate and start serving. He had the oven mitt on the right hand but usually served with that hand...He grabbed the pan with his left hand (I was cleaning dishes and not looking) and I heard him say "Wow, this pan is hot!" "What's that sizzling sound?" Then I heard the pan hit the floor. I turned to say..."What the hell..." And realised what had happened.
A trip to the ER scared us even more since they were talking about possible skin grafts and all kinds of things. We had a few visits to the Burn Clinic and Mark is doing very good. He is now peeling and the new skin is very sensitive but I'm so happy things are better then we could hope for!

My mom came for a quick visit. That was fun but too much shopping for my blood!
Grace had a great time playing with her, showing her all her books and toys. They had a tea party or 3! But mostly just hang out was the best!

As far as me. I have been SUPER!
Even with lack of sleep on most nights I am doing great!
I had a strange sensation while my mom was here and it made my heart skip a beat but was only around for a few hours.
I was sitting at the computer and Grace came to see me for something. I turned and bent down. I always get to her level. When I bent down my sight all went pink. Kinda like when you put a colour filter on a picture and it is all in a certain colour but diffrent shades.
It was the strangest feeling. I automatically sat up and tried to focus on my hand thinking the light went funny but wasn't! It went away as soon as I sat up but came back twice for a few minutes. It hasn't happened since and I guess I really should call the doctor but if you know me...

Let's see if I call!