Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What can I say...
First...Mark. I love you and thank you for putting up with Grace alone while I'm away.
Mark called a few times, Grace has been miserable and looking for me for 2 days. His question..."How do you explain to a 2 year old that mommy will be back in a few days?" Valid question...thoughts?

I wanted to make the most of my trip in Ottawa. What have I done? Well, first I had a great dinner with a lady who I consider a great friend. We when to the Cornerstone Bar & Grill. The food was great and so was the company!

This restaurant was in the ByWard Market which I was told I had to visit. Been there...spent some money...had fun!
While at the market I hit #2 on my "Karl's to do list"...Beaver Tail! Yummy..I've had these before put never the one with lemon juice on top...I rather have the sweet!

Today after my training I grabbed a cab and got myself to the Canadian Museum of Nature. This was a great visit too! They have great exhibits from all possible birds, frogs and rocks. They also had ocean, mammal, bugs and so much more. A great visit. Love the interactive stuff..Go see it!

I then had a great 20 ish block walk back to my hotel. Looked at the shops, scenes and people.
By the time I got back to my hotel my MS kicked in..
My legs were numb and I was tired but what did I expect? It was warm, I walked for almost 2 hours in a building and then almost an hour back to the hotel!

All in all it was great...let's see what tomorrow brings!
I really miss Mark and my baby...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Wow..I have been too busy!
I must admit that being busy is much better then sitting at home wondering what I could possibly do to amuse myself but some days...

Last weekend I was in Winnipeg with Mark's family.
Gracie's Great Grampa Gord turned 80 so we headed there for a 5 day weekend. The boys drove out and I flew with Grace and Donna.

Can you say mosquitoes out there! Wow!
I turned into the best game ever...killing them indoors and keeping count!
On Saturday the big birthday gift was delivered and that was a brand new roof on Grampa's garage. Good work boys!

Sunday was the big Birthday party and it was almost fantastic...
I say almost because it started out great...then I decided to give Grace a quick tub...In the Hot Tub...I got over heated and then the day went downhill real fast.
Once I got out and got dresses I realised I was a bit dizzy. No big deal, have a sit and drink cold water then I'll be good as new. WRONG!

By lunch time I had a headache, I was tired, my neck hurt and I had that feeling of carrying bricks on my shoulders again. I took 6 Advil's and very still for 4 hours to feel somewhat normal again.
Amazing what an extra 5 minutes in a hot tub can cause. I think I learned my lesson!

Tomorrow I am off to Ottawa for my first time ever by myself. I'm looking forward to it.
When I was on my injections I stopped travelling because it was just too complicated. Now that I am off it I realise and remember how much I love to travel!
I will miss Mark, Grace and girls but I'm sure I'll enjoy their company that much more when I am back!

Now...what should I plan next? Hmmmm!?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What did you do one year ago?

Can you remember what you were doing one year ago?
Do you remember what you ate, what you wore or even who you saw?
I sure can....
Yesterday on June 19, 2010 it was one year from my MS Diagnosis.
Crazy eh?!

One year ago I had an appointment with Doctor Yip at 3:30pm.
I was blind in the left eye, my right side was numb from my rib cage down and I was dizzy. I was very tired all the time, couldn't stand being in the heat and so much other stuff.

Today, one whole year ago my eye sight has improved more then my Neuro could expect, I have not been constantly numb. I do still get numb when walking but nothing like last year. I have not been dizzy for a long time. I am not half as tired as I was in fact I have energy simply just from knowing that I am healthy then I was last summer. The heat doesn't even phase me anymore.
I have been able to go for a walk, garden, even sit and relax.

Wow what a year can do.

One year later...I am grateful to have my diagnosis. I am happy to feel better.
I have learned to appreciate every little thing. I am happy to know that there is research being done. I am happy to know that some have had positive results with the Liberation.

I hope that everyone finds the good in a strange situation.
I call it a strange situation simply because I do not find it a "curse".

It happened to me for a reason and I am OK with it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MS Focus Group

Let the summer begin...Please!

Tomorrow AM I will be attending a Focus Group for MS patients that are taking Copaxone for less then 2 years.

I have been asked to attend. For 60 minutes I will sit with a few others and discuss the side effects of Copaxone. They will film our little chat and I presume use it for research.

The good part...I will get paid for my time!
That...that is always nice!

I am still doing very well health wise. Having been so busy I am tired but hanging in there!
I have no symptoms at the present time and am loving it!
I wish all fellow MS'ers could be healthy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life Style Change

I talked about Mark's new "diet" a few days ago...
I decided to create a page on my blog to keep you posted on his progress and fill you in on a few things....
It's good!
Go check it out!

Monday, June 7, 2010

More of Sunil!

Sunil is in Calgary for the week doing consults with local patients.
Mark and Gordie got to sit with him this AM.

Both their visits went well and Mark is Volcano! He seems to think that he won't need much help which is good!

I have been doing super myself! Thank you!
Yesterday "Bumpa" came to visit and we started building stage one of many for Gracie's fort.
I sat in the sun for a few hours playing with power tools and didn't feel like fainting, never got dizzy and even came out of the day with a little bit of colour.

Simply Amazing!

Last year when we redid the shingles on the roof I was stuck in the basement with the A/C on as high as it would go, made lunch and came back inside ASAP.

I love being healthy!

Don't take it for granted!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy and loving it!

So many things have been going on that I am not sure where to start!

First, I am feeling very healthy still! I am very happy with this.
I have not been sleeping well only of my own fault. Grace and Mark seem to be sound a sleep.
I haven't figured out yet if I have too much on my mind or not!

Second, I hate the rain! Please make it stop!

Mark has started a "Life changing diet regime". This is what he calls it.
I am so proud of him. He is doing well 5 days in and I am 100% behind him cheering him on!
He says he already feels like he has lots a few pounds.

I hope to write again tomorrow when I hear more to clarify what I think I heard today!
I think I heard that 2 MS patients are running to be on the National MS Society Board.

I hope to confirm this. This would be a great leap for us!