Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worn out!

Well, It's been an amazing summer so far!
Though I can smell Fall/Autumn in the air I am still taking any sunny moment possible and making the most of the summer days.

Knowing that Fall is right there, feeling the cool air at night reminds me that I must take my vitamin D3 everyday. Soon I won't be getting enough sun and I figure it's good to get in the habit now!

I have stretched myself thin this year. I have worked 7 days a week and too many hours a day.
I love my day job, I love my "other" job and I love my family.
It becomes quite the juggling act but Hey! That's life and I love every minute of it!

I have been very tired and that leads to being dizzy, headaches and grumpiness but...

...Tomorrow I will officially be on vacation for one week.
I know it's not much and I will be working on my "other" job but that one I get to do from home where Mark and Grace can help! It's that just a reward in itself?

I will be sleeping in and spending lots of one-on-one time with my little family. We will be attending the fireworks at Global Fest and I will be manning my Scentsy booth in the night market. We have participated in this festival for 7 years now and we are so excited!

If you are in town, grab some tickets at the local Co-op and come down!

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  1. Lovely post Nat. I mentioned to Mark that Liseanne and I would be willing to volunteer if you need us one evening next week -- Thursday night works best as Charles and I will probably go to see the FW on Tuesday night as he will be in town.

    Have a great week. let me know if you need us to help out!