Monday, October 4, 2010

The big 2!

After staying home on Friday I just kept getting worse.. This cold is no fun.
But as they say...the show must go on and it really did! We had Gracie's 2nd birthday party on Sunday so we had lots of things to do to get ready!

Shopping, cleaning, decorating and of course time out for a hockey pool!
By the time we got home I could barely stand anymore. I was congested, sleep deprived and I was really feeling my MS knocking but I had a party to plan!

Once we got to midnight! I was so happy to visit with my pillow but Grace was up at 4AM...Are you kidding me...I grabbed her, put her in my bed in hopes of getting maybe 1 more hour of sleep...please... NO! She tossed and turned, giggled, tickled, poked and squeezed.
Yeah... there goes that idea!
By 6:30 we were up and getting ready for the day and what a day it was!

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends! We love them and love to be with them. It was a nice treat to have all of them together for fun. Birthday aside what a fun time!

Back to birthday...having so many friends with so many kids (we really do love kids!) that we see on a regular basis we invited all of them - 18 kids in case you were wondering!
So we planned big! Having a small house, we did a little dance hoping for a nice day. The weather Gods and I where on the same page!
Bouncy castle, ball pit, lots of food and a great big cake!

By 3 o'clock everyone was gone and we were all hiding in our bed napping! Then we got the best call of the day!

"Hi kids, what a great party! We are making dinner. Steak, veggies you know,the usual, come on over if you like!"

Aw Donna - what a life saver! There was no way we were making anything for dinner!

Now it's Monday morning, we are all sick like dogs but it was a great weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The joy of being a mommy...

Have you had the sneezing fit yet?
Just you will catch up to you and you will share my pain!

I started sneezing at work yesterday like I have never sneezed before. Within 2 hours I went from tired to sick as a dog. I was feeling horrible and by the time we went to bed I could barely see straight. But that wasn't enough to let me sleep. I think I was overtired with a little of a runny nose and a 2 year old still waking up at night...

I stayed home today which I rarely do. I didn't get any sleep but it was nice to just veg.

But back to my 2 year old...She has discovered "pockets".
I know you are all thinking "Aw" and "that's too cute". I know because I thought the same thing until I you know...I got sick, stayed home and of course we all know you never just get to veg!
I have done 5 loads of laundry today (we have been very busy over the passed 2 weeks!) and let me tell you of the treasures I found!

I founds lots of "pennies" - Gracie's words for coins...where does she find all the money!
I founds about 1/2 cup of sun flower seeds - again...where did she find them?
I found a lip gloss - OK...that one was probably mine!
I found what I think to be 5 crayons - hard to tell once they are all broken!
I founds some rocks - at least this I know where she got!
And I found...Kleenex - you all know how much fun that is!

So on top of my daily "duties" as a mom I now have to add ...Grace...empty your pockets!

But you know as irritating as this was to find in my washer I just had to laugh.
It's amazing to see and watch her grow and discover.
Let's see what my next load will uncover!