Thursday, April 29, 2010

Upper Cervical Care

John - this one is for you!

I started seeing Dr. Kale Matovich from Chase Clinic here in Calgary a few years ago.
When I was pregnant I could hardly move and with his team I was up and moving again.

They are very committed to their patients health and well being and very often attend conferences around Canada and the States I believe to increase their knowledge as well as introduce new techniques that have proven to help patients elsewhere.

Dr. Kale's secondary study in University was Neurology and therefor he was an interest in MS as well as other neuro-related conditions.

He has been treating patients in Calgary with Upper Cervical Care for a long time and once I was diagnosed with MS he was eager to get me in and start the treatments.
It is a little bit nerve wracking since he adjusts your Atlas vertebrae but I must say...WOW...!

I had one adjustment quite a while ago and I felt better the very next day. In January when I felt a relapse coming I knew I needed to see him again. Sure enough my Atlas had slipped out of place and once he used his magic I was better in a few days.

I am not sure if he was anything on the website since it not his #1 treatment offered but if you would like to send them a message on their website I am sure someone would be able to send you more information!

I am not off to look outside and hope the snow we got last night has somehow miraculously disappeared!

Paying it forward

I came across a fellow blogger a few months ago who also shares the ups and downs of MS.

He has been bound to a chair for some time now. He also has a daughter and a lovely lady who is there for him in every way.

He has booked himself in for the CCSVI imaging (Steve, please share with us were you will be going) for August 10.

He is now facing the challenge that I did last month or raising funds to help him pay for the imaging as well as the travel and accomodations.

I was and am very greatefull of the help that I received and I promissed to Pay-It-Forward if the oppertunity came up. I will be sending Steve $200.00 towards his imaging.

Please check out his blog. He has a great story to share!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My visit with my neuro

Well, I must have been busy because I don't think I ever been this long without blogging!

I have been healthy and upbeat. Grace is still enjoying her Terrible 2's but we are working hard at getting her to sleep at night. We may need all the help we can get. She is so stubborn.. wonder where she gets that from! ;)

Mark and I have been very busy landscaping our yard. It needs so much work!

Today I saw my neuro and she was very happy with how far the healing has come in my eyesight. She told me to keep doing what I was doing both with homeopathy as well as the upper cervical chiro care as it seems to be working for me! Yay!

She was impressed at how well the sight has come back and told me that many of her patients do not heal as well as I have done so far!

She is waiting for news on if she will get a grant for a CCSVI study. If so, she told me that I would be a good candidate since she has so much data on my as well as my having already had imaging done in Calgary and Vancouver.

She was very intrigued that I had different results in both cities and said that this is getting her even more excited about getting a grant!

I'll tell you more tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You bet I am!
I had a long week last week with the results not being what I was expecting as well as Grace having caught a form of the Norwalk virus. That was the longest week in I thought!

She has now entered the "Terrible two's"... Ayoye...

I haven't had more then 3 hours of sleep in 3 nights and it is catching up with me. With us.. we are just once cranky household!

On Tuesday I got to speak to Dr. Steed who is the first radiologist who performed an ultrasound on my neck back in December. He was very excited to know that I had the imaging done and that I took the time to have a copy of the DVD's and reports made for him. I have sent them out and I hope he enjoys them!

I also heard today that Dr. Haacke and / or his team from Boston may be coming to Calgary for a symposium. I'll keep you posted.

For now, I am going to try and get some sleep!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emotional week

I have not let anything MS related get me down since pretty much day 1. I have done my best to stay positive in every regard. I have had a few hard MS days were I was simply put "not well" but I have not let it get me down.

I think this past week has been a test to see if I was still strong.

I have not once thought that I was not a candidate for the angioplasty.
I had so much faith in the Liberation findings and the research that I guess I was convinced that I had occlusions (blocked or collapsed veins) and that False Creek was going to get me my proof to go on.


I was emailed the result from the False Creek staff last week and it was great news in the sense that nothing seems to be wrong for me in the way of blocked veins. I have no significant occlusions from what the MRV report states. The Doppler confirmed that there is an abnormality however Dr. Cooperberg told me that they also see this in "normal" people.

Great news!!!
But not what I was expecting...
It hit me hard because for the first time I realised that CCSVI may not be something that will be there to help me. I am still waiting to see the neuro (Dr. Costello) on the 27th for her interpretation. She has applied for her own grant to study the Liberation treatment and am sure she will be interested to see my results. I am anxious to see what she has to say.

As for me...What to do now?
Well, I haven't given up hope. I have written before of Mitch Albom's line "I am in love with hope" and I plan to stay true to this.

My Chiro (Dr. Kale) has been performing a special adjustment in the first 2 vertebraes for a few years and it has shown to be very helpful to MS patients.

I stopped his treatments a while back because I simply couldn't afford it.

I also plan on seeking alternative treatments if / when needed to continue getting better.

Next time I think I'll write about my theory on why I seem to be getting better...!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My visit to False Creek - MRI / MRV

As promised here is the second part of the story!

After returning from lunch I was called in to get my IV started in the back room and to change into the very "sexy" blue scrubs!
Once I was in the room for the MRI, I was asked all the regular questions. Have I been in an MRI before, have I had the dye injection before, Am I nervous...

Again the staff were very nice, made extra sure that I was happy and comfortable. If you have ever been in an MRI for 90 can appreciate the comfort part!

This is also were they connected me to the dye machine. One look at it and I couldn't help my self...
"That sure does look like the lethal injection set-up!"..."That isn't lethal is it?"
They giggled...was that suppose to make me feel better?

Half way trough the MRI I needed to pee. OMG!!! What to do.. I thought of every thing I could and I was getting to a point were I thought I should just pee! This machine felt different then the others I have been in. It made the hair on my head stand on end at times and it got super hot! I had a light blanket on and I am not supposed to move but I had to try and cool down so I lifted my index finger under the blanket and just that made it feel like 10C cooler! That... Was...Hot!

They warn you that the last few minutes of the MRI... for the MRV they will inject the dye. Some people have said that it makes you feel like you wet yourself. Being that I already needed to pee... that wasn't exactly a problem!
To me this dye went like this.
"OK Natalie, we are going to put the dye in and you will be done and out of the machine in about 2 minutes." (Yes! Finally!)
I felt the cold dye run in the IV on my arm and going up in my arm. Next I felt it and heard it bubble at the back of head going into my neck. Within seconds I had a tingling sensation all over my body and extremities. Almost like every little hair on my body was standing on end!
Then "it" happened.
My very first panic attack!
Have you ever watched a movie were someone is trapped in a car and finding that one corner pocket or air trying to get one last gulp of air? Well that's how I felt but only in my mouth. It felt like my mouth was full of water and I was going to drown. I had to stick my tongue out and slow my breathing down. Once I realised I wasn't having a panic attack and that it was simply the dye making me feel weird I felt better.
All this in 2 minutes!

When I came out of the machine I was out of it. I felt very strange and Donna said I looked like death. I felt it!

Tomorrow... the results are in.. Tell me what you think...any guesses?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My visit to False Creek - Doppler

What a busy week!
I got home from Vancouver on Friday night to a sick hubby, lots of commitments for the weekend and started off Monday morning with a very sick baby. Grace is still very weak and this is why I haven't written about my trip yet. So here goes it!

Donna and I arrived at False Creek and I must say...It's pretty there!
I was given lots of paper work to read, sign and have witnessed. Thanks Donna!
The tests were running late so we decided to run out for a little shopping and come back.

We got back just in time as they were calling my name for the Doppler!

I must say, they staff at False Creek are FANTASTIC!

Our greeter led us to the Doppler room. I was given a gown in exchange for my shirt.
In the midst of all this I had a very big splinter in my thumb and it was very painfull!
I had a great doctor perform the Doppler (Thank you for coming out of retirement mode to perform testing. I appreciate it!).
I have had lots of people ask me "what is the Doppler?"
The Doppler is the same as an ultrasound except it is more (in layman's terms) 3D-ish. It allows you to see the blood circulation in blue and red. It also gives you the sound to attach to the image of the blood flow.
Here the doctor was looking to hear an abnormal flow. I was told that this is a sign of CCSVI however some normal people also have this irregularity.
I was told that I did in fact have the irregularity.

After everything was done and we were waiting for the DVD copies the Great Greeter got some tweezers and I was able to relieve the pain in my thumb!

We then had an hour to kill before my MRI / MRV. Being that is was lunch time, we headed out to eat and look around a bit too!
Across the street and up one block there was great shopping and food!!

I will continue to write of my visit to False Creek tomorrow with the MRI / MRV imaging ordeal!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting game take 2!

I am back at home!

I have images to share with you. I won't be able to tell you of the results until I receive the report next week but the images are great to look at!

It was a great part of my journey which I will share details over the next few days. I sayd this becuase Grace is up from her nap!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ready to go...

Well it's 5.30 am, I hardly slept. Mark and Grace aren't feeling well and I am still ready to go!
I am nervous and anxious but most of all...I am hoping for the worsts!
Ha! How often does one hear that!

I am hoping for the worst in the sense that if my veins are blocked or collapsed this will be good news for me.
It will give me and doctors proof that the operation is an option.

I don't think I will have access to a computer this pm but I will for sure tell you all about my trip tomorrow.
I think I'll be leaving False Creek with images on disk but no report until I see Dr. Yip next week.

Fingers crossed for the worst y'all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane!

I do know when I'll be back again!
Tomorrow morning I leave bright and early for Vancouver.

I am booked in at False Creek for 11 AM and am very anxious to get the Doppler and MRV testing done!

I'll keep you posted!

Bon Voyage to me...!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Wow.. Time was catching up with me on Thursday and Friday. I was really feeling tired and dizzy. My short term was not working too well and I had lots of pain in my feet and legs as well as my left thumb.

Today I started a new regime of my Elaps homeopathy remedy. Twice daily for 1 week.
This should be interesting!
I say this because this remedy is well special...I have yet to write anything like this...personal but here goes!
This remedy gives me the runs!
Sunil explained to me that he was trying out the remedy these past two times and having all kinds of symptoms come to surface was a good thing and a sign that it was time to go more aggressive.

I am also counting down the days to my Vancouver trip!!!!!!
I am very excited and nervous!

And I promised to keep you posted on the fundraising...
To date the total in the bank account is $7,105.00.
This does not yet include my out of pocket costs for the event and soon I will be taking money out to have the imaging done!
Thank you once again and I appreciate it all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A quick one

This is going to be a quick one as I am at work but can't help and share.
I don't cry very often but this news article brought me to tears.

I don't understand why Canada is not performing the Liberation but please read this article.
If you had the smallest chance of getting better...even if it was for a short time...Wouldn't you take the risk?

Obviously the doctors are not the ones that are ill.

If you went blind and were given the chance to see..even for one day, one hour, just to see your child's face one more time...Wouldn't you take it?

Wow.. I had to write that out!

Tell me what you think.